Traditionally, Armed Forces around the world place high value on fulfillment of socio economic responsibility of their personnel. The aspect is undoubtedly regarded by Pakistan Army as sacrosanct and bounden duty. The scope of welfare is gradually widening due to Army’s direct involvement in fight against terrorism thus increasing the complexities of this gigantic task. Through progressive, dynamic and meaningful pursuits, Pakistan Army takes care of shuhdas, war wounded, wards and families of shuhdas and retired officers, Junior Commissioned Officers and Other Ranks. To fulfill these obligations, Pakistan Army has decided to open DHA Chapters in major cities under the banner of DHA Lahore which includes Multan. DHA Lahore has come a long way in emerging as the largest and most prestigious residential estate in the country. Throughout its cherished history, DHA has constantly endeavoured to establish benchmark standards in planning and development of versatile community living. The esteemed status achieved by the Housing Authority today is due to the consistency, dedication and devotion of staff at DHA.

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