Whenever there are houses for sale in DHA Defence Lahore, we know they sell out like hot cakes. Similarly, investor enthusiasm skyrockets when they find plots for sale in DHA Defence Lahore. Whether it is homebuyers or investors, the public at large seems to have total confidence in the DHA Lahore property market.

Owning a piece of DHA Lahore real estate is perceived as a guarantee of a quality living experience, and the obsession with DHA property in Karachi follows similar patterns. However, it would be interesting to compare the two DHAs. Following is an analysis and comparison in terms of profits and investment potential.

Increase in prices of houses for sale in DHA Defence Lahore & Karachi

To compare the two DHAs, we have used data available with and compared the increase in prices.
From April 2016 to March 2017, the average price of 1-kanal houses for sale in DHA Defence Lahore has gone up 3.72%. Whereas during this time period, the average price of a 1-kanal house has gone up by 13% in Karachi. Clearly, DHA Karachi seems to be the winner here.

Increase in prices of plots for sale in DHA Defence Lahore & Karachi

The trend we have seen in terms of the prices of houses can also be seen in the case of plots. From April 2016 to March 2017, the average price of 1-kanal plots for sale in DHA Defence Lahore went up by 12.14%, which is quite an impressive increase. On the other hand, the average price of 1-kanal plots in DHA Karachi has risen by 26.10%. The numbers speak for themselves.

When we think of DHA Lahore real estate, we can see that prices have risen as well, but investment in DHA Karachi results in better returns. This is understandable because Karachi is a bigger metropolitan with a much higher population density and a higher demand for real estate. The prices, invariably, seem to follow demand.

Barrier to entry in the two DHAs

Higher prices of real estate in DHA Karachi allow fewer investors to have the required capital to enter into the real estate business. You don’t have to be as rich comparatively – emphasis on comparatively – to buy a DHA house for sale or DHA plots for sale in Lahore, and get some real estate action.

Scope of new development

DHA Defence Lahore has delivered quality housing projects one after another. There are many housing schemes up for grabs, with much more lined up. DHA Defence Phase VII, VIII and IX Prism are in various stages of completion. In DHA Phase VIII, possession is almost complete, whereas DHA Phase IX Prism is under development.

In DHA Karachi, development is going on in Phase VIII Extension; while DHA City Karachi is a humongous new project – up to 16 sectors are planned – being developed with a 20-year development strategy. These are lucrative opportunities for investors indeed.

DHAs in both cities are reliable and productive destinations for real estate investments. Profits are higher if you invest in Karachi, but there is a higher barrier to entry. You can find ideal pieces of real estate by contacting Royalestate property agents in DHA Defence Lahore and Karachi and make incredible profits.

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