DHA Lahore Phase VIII

23 AUG 2017

Phase VIII
Infrastructure development in Sectors ‘W’ and ‘Y’ has started.

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    DHA Lahore Phase VII

    23 AUG 2017

    Phase VII
    Sectors Q, R, S, T and U have been completed.
    Sectors P, V, W, X, Y and Z are nearing completion.

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    DHA Penta House Square

    14 APR 2017

    DHA Penta square phase – V is an essence of business & trade admiration. This self sustained building features the luxurious and comforting apartments with all modern facilities. Extravagant shopping mall that will be the high rank shopping destination.The sixteen updated corporate offices on various floors with dedicated three observations lifts will also be offered and a wide choice of recreation activities too.

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    DHA Multan

    15 JUL 2017

    Traditionally, Armed Forces around the world place high value on fulfillment of socio economic responsibility of their personnel. The aspect is undoubtedly regarded by Pakistan Army as sacrosanct and bounden duty. The scope of welfare is gradually widening due to Army’s direct involvement in fight against terrorism thus increasing the complexities of this gigantic task. Through progressive, dynamic and meaningful pursuits, Pakistan Army takes care of shuhdas, war wounded, wards and families.....